Scott Hardie | June 17, 2002
I'm signing off now to make the move to Tampa. Before we sleep tonight, we have to pack up the stuff we've gotten unpacked in the last three weeks, load up the moving truck, drive to Tampa, unload the moving truck, and return the truck to some U-Haul in Tampa. If we have any strength left, we might even start unpacking. The only bad part is that we won't have anything on which we can sleep until tomorrow, when the couch and futon are delivered. We have to sleep on the floor or in the car. Anyway, my point in writing this entry is: Unless I return here to my mom's house for some reason, I will be offline until sometime Wednesday, when our phone gets activated. We won't get a cable modem until I get my new computer, which I won't get until I get my new desk, which I won't get until sometime next week, so until then we're dependent on my mom's dial-up Earthlink account. Ttyl.

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