Mike Eberhart | May 1, 2003
Has anyone seen the latest news coming out of California? Those nuts are going in and changing/deleting words out of their textbooks for students. Words like hotdogs, cakes, etc. Also, they are renaming "The Founding Fathers" to "The Framer's". They want to try and make it less male-dominated. Did they take history, the founding father's were all male. I don't know how they plan to change that. Also, they are changing the word snowman to snowperson. The final act of stupidity is they are no longer going to show pictures in textbooks of american indians living in rural areas and with braids in their hair. Ok, first of all, some indians did have braids in their hair, and they all lived in rural areas. Where are they going to show them living, in condos... As you can tell, I have a real problem with the political correct crowd. Especially when they do shit like this. Any thoughts????

Jackie Mason | May 1, 2003
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | May 1, 2003
Um, founding fathers makes sense cause they were mostly men. Right? Am I missing something here?

Scott Hardie | May 1, 2003
I understand the impulse to downplay the fact that white males dominated history, but there are smarter and more positive ways to do it. If I was the teacher and a female student was actually bothered by the Founding Fathers all having been male, I would tell her that back then, women weren't given the opportunity to contribute to political discourse, or much else for that matter. She should be grateful for the struggle of her mother and grandmothers to change this for her, and she should strive to make the most of the opportunities that women have today. That's true and more empowering.

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