Scott Hardie | July 18, 2005
My participation in TC is going to be limited for the next few weeks as I devote myself to planning a new offline RPG – bare-bones preview site: (link) – so I'm going to post three recent news articles that got me thinking, in hopes they'll get you discussing.

How close are we to teleportation? (link) Can such technology exist in the world as we know it? Is it possible there is any better way to travel (once it is safe)? Will the travel industry pull out the stops to oppose this technology the way that the oil industries seem to have suppressed electric-car technologies? And most importantly: Where do I invest in the developers?

Amy Austin | July 18, 2005
Well, I surely do not know the answers to your first four questions, but to the last, I'd say (judging by the article you linked) that the R&D of HP makes them a good place to start buying stock!

Scott Hardie | July 18, 2005
I'm definitely going to invest in one of their scanner/printer combos tomorrow, after this piece of shit Epson died on me for the last time.

Patrick Little | July 18, 2005
The question is going to be marketing if they can pull it off.
Do you really want to scatter your atoms through the universe?

Amy Austin | July 18, 2005
Amen to that!

E. M. | July 19, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | July 22, 2005
Oh, great. Does that mean in twenty years I'm going to get spam about how I can "Reginald, teleport yourself a huge cock NOW!! xcat4e"?

E. M. | July 22, 2005
[hidden by request]

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