Scott Hardie | July 9, 2002
Kelly and I saw "Men in Black II" tonight, and I guess it reveals how much I liked that film if I say that the high point of the show was the trailer for "Star Trek: Nemesis." It looks intriguing (to me anyway), but it's very creepy. It's like the movie is trapped in an Adore-era Smashing Pumpkins video, all black and gothed-out. So the trailer plays and gradually builds in tension, as the action pumps up and the music pumps up and then boom, it's over and the theater goes silent. And the woman behind me whispers to her date, "Trekkies scare me."

Anna Gregoline | July 9, 2002

Scott Hardie | July 10, 2002
That trailer is now online if anybody cares.

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