Scott Hardie | April 25, 2002
Last week, I bought four new DVDs (a splurge with a motive), and I noticed something: Three of them contained scenes of people eating Chinese food - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Primal Fear, and Rosemary's Baby. Since I love Chinese food, I started to wonder about other DVDs of mine, and I noticed that quite a few of them show people eating it or discussing it, or at least it appears on-screen: Platoon, The Matrix, Chinatown, Being John Malkovich, The Two Jakes, Princess Mononoke, Se7en, Corrina Corrina, Heat, Little Shop of Horrors, Do the Right Thing. That's almost a third of my collection. Do I automatically love movies that include Chinese food? (Footnote: This past weekend, I was given two more DVDs as belated Christmas gifts, and one of them, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, includes people eating Chinese food.)

Anna Gregoline | April 26, 2002
Scott, I find this absolutely fascinating. I wonder if any of my favorite movies have a common theme.

Scott Hardie | April 26, 2002
Give us a list of your favorite movies. We could try to find one.

Anna Gregoline | April 27, 2002
Hmm. I've never compiled a "Top Ten," but I should. I'll think about it.

Scott Hardie | April 27, 2002
I've been meaning for several months now to create a page devoted to my favorite movies, the ones I own on DVD, sort of a replacement to that old "Confessiosn of a DVD Junkie" page. My tribute to movies that I love. But I'm lazy.

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