Scott Hardie | June 5, 2002
I watched TV for most of the day today, since Kelly was online and "Final Fantasy X" isn't much fun. It was my first full day of TV-watching in years, and it was disappointing. That "Dell dude" I've heard so much about is an annoying idiot, who gets worse because the "graduation" commercial is on every other commercial break. I also caught an episode of "The Simpsons" (the one where Homer becomes a boxer). I stopped watching The Simpsons because the quality got so poor over the years, but this one came from an era that I liked, so I thought I'd enjoy it. But I found it implausible, predictable, and unfunny. I watched my first episode of "Beat the Geeks" and thought it was boring and mean-spirited. Maybe I'm just a crank today, I dunno. I feel depressed saying that my favorite show was the two-hour block of "Unsolved Mysteries" on Lifetime.

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