Andy Lee | November 5, 2002
AS much as I know alot of Scotts friends are not about Ravers, Raving, or raves in general but on october 2, 2002 400 ravers were ticked 1000 dollars each by the Racine Police Department. 15 kids, who were talking to police, reciting there rights were taken to a corner of the venue, and beaten with there hands behind there backs tied with zip ties. The police deny the alligations, but there are pictures being devloped that show the beating. This was a 100% Legel event to raise money for the Haunted Theater, which has been around since the erly 1920's. The fundraiser was held to raise 2 million dollars for a resteration project so that other youths could enjoy it. The party was stormed by 10 uniformed officers who blocked the doors and would not let anyone out. At that time, guns were pushed in peoples face and everyone was demanded to lay on the floor. No one was allowed to leave, the cop cars were set up so that they would block the doors. At this time, one by one, people were ticked and sent away. Court dates are varying but one thing is for sure, our American Rights were taken away. Raves have had a bad wrap, this is true, but for a tip that there was a "rave" in Racine, the police jumped. I know this does not affect any of you, but if you could, show support by visiting the following web pages and keep checking in, this is an outrage.
Ordinance 66-347

Operating or partonizing prohibited. No person shall knowingly keep, control, own or operate a disorderly house or knowingly be an inmate or frequent, patronize or be found within any disorderly house.

Code 1973 25.12.010
Ordinance #3-98 pt. 3 (3-4)

Thats all I got right now, please, show some support!

Thanks so much!

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