Scott Hardie | December 20, 2002
There's now a link in your control panels to "See Updates" - this will show you a list of noteworthy updates to my various sites. (For instance, it will announce when there's a new celebrity goo, but not if I edit one line of code within the game.) So far, it's programmed to announce new goos, new topics in TC, and new users, but it will also list elements of other games and sites when they're programmed.

Does anybody want an RSS news feed? I will generate one if at least two people ask for it.

Anna Gregoline | December 21, 2002
I ask to know what a RSS news feed is?

Scott Hardie | December 21, 2002
Link here. Daniel introduced me to the idea. It's a list of recent updates to a site, with a very short description of each. This list can then be installed on any site, which displays the links. So, if I made an RSS news feed and you displayed it on your site, your visitors would always know what was up on my site. In other words, it's a great idea with very few good uses. :-)

Scott Hardie | January 4, 2003
The "See Updates" page is now color-coded, which makes it a lot easier to read, though it's easy to forget that each item is a link. I may also create a public-view "What's New" page for the site that shows the most recent goo, most recent movie review, most recent TC topic, et cetera.

I got an idea from a friend's online diary: Does anyone want email updates for the other sites besides the goo game? I for one enjoy visiting TC throughout the day to look for new comments, but I'll program email announcements for that, Thorough Movie Reviews, or other sites if anyone wants them.

Lori Lancaster | December 21, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | December 21, 2002
Did you know about the Cowboy Bebop movie coming to theaters this spring?

Lori Lancaster | December 21, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | December 22, 2002
According to the IMDb, it will see a limited release in the spring. (I only know about it because I saw its IPO on the Hollywood Stock Exchange.)

I can recall quite a few anime films being released to theaters, but only in very limited runs, major cities only. It's kind of a shame, but I guess it's a demand issue - the fans are used to scrounging for them on video, and the mainstream isn't accustomed to them at all anyway. Princess Mononoke did very well a few years ago, and Spirited Away also did well this past year. I had a chance to see Metropolis in theaters early this year but I had to miss it, and I regret it: That would have been a great movie to see on a big screen. There was also Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust this year too, I think, not that it played in more than ten theaters. :-\

Lori Lancaster | December 22, 2002
[hidden by request]

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