Scott Hardie | July 8, 2002
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RB: The Three-Week Challenge

Having spent three weeks unlocking the last and hardest achievement on the list, I just want to say that it was worth every moment. Go »

R.I.P. Chris Cornell

Thoughts on Chris Cornell's sudden passing? I'll say more later as soon as I can, but I want to mention now, in case it's not obvious, that the timing of today's goo is a coincidence. Go »

Bet Regret

Should sports betting be legal again? Go »

Master of My Domain

Way back in 2000, I registered and moved this site there. It was my very first dedicated domain. Go »

Scott's Pet Peeve #9141

Pop-under ads finally seem to have died a long-deserved death from the public aggravation they caused, but their successor, the ad that floats over the text you're trying to read, has lately taken on an equally irritating behavior: Activating the ad when you click the "X" or "close" link. Go »

Germ Warfare

WSJ finally speaks honestly about the partisan divide that is tearing our country apart: Paper towels vs electric hand dryers. Go »