Scott Hardie | June 9, 2002
TC experienced a weird hiccup today. All week, my web host has been moving to new servers, and they've been shuffling files, but they claimed no changes would be made. Just this morning, I checked the site up to the newest entry "Notes" (to which Matt had left a comment about Scrabble), and I added two new movies to the "Now Watching" category. Then out of nowhere, the site reverted back in time several days. "Summer Flies" and "Notes" were erased, and the "Now" page was reverted to an earlier state. At first I suspected sabotage, but the control panel log for TC never indicated the existence of "Summer Flies" or "Notes" in the first place. As far as I can tell, my web host backed up the site a couple of days ago, figuring there wouldn't be any changes in the mean time, and moved that over to the new servers. Not the end of the world, but I'm disappointed that Jackie's entry and mine were both erased. Oh well. Back to normal now I hope. (Thanks Anna for bringing this to my attention.)

Scott Hardie | June 10, 2002
I had noticed this also.... I have been sending you messages, are you getting them? I've sent two emails and about five ICQ's and haven't heard anything back. Are you just busy.... or?

Scott Hardie | June 10, 2002
I haven't gotten anything! No emails, no ICQ messages, nothing. I'll call you later today.

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