Andy Lee | July 19, 2001
Getting piercings is a way to express yourself. I want to get my tounge pierced. PLease tell me what you think!

Scott Hardie | July 20, 2001
That depends. What are you trying to express?

Kelly Lee | July 20, 2001
Andy, as your sister, I have, over the past sixteen years been observing you, and now it is with full satisfaction and certainess I astertain that you are in fact a poser.

Anna Gregoline | July 20, 2001
LOL. Love the Sister.

Ok, tongue piercing is stupid. You know why? I've read multiple reports that say many people who have tongue rings over time have the main nerve in their tongue deaden. This means you would no longer be able to feel your tongue. Your speech would be affected, of course, and here's my favorite part - You would drool uncontrollably. I can't wait till 10 years from now and all you little punk poser tongue-piercers are trying to get jobs and you're drooling on your damn dress shirts.

Derek Sutcliffe | July 20, 2001
Well lets see...the speech impairment is cause by the tongue being swollen which is only the first 2 weeks you have your tongue pierced...and that goes the same for the drooling...its cause by your tongue being swollen...i say go for getting mine done andy we can go at the same time...i see nothing wrong with tongue piercings...if you wanted to get your tongue split then i would be like nope...

Anna Gregoline | July 20, 2001
Maybe you didn't listen to me. I said the MAIN AND CRUCIAL NERVE IN YOUR TONGUE CAN LOSE IT'S SENSATION OVER TIME. I wasn't talking about the temporary pain of piercing. Try actually reading the post next time before responding to it.

Kelly Lee | July 21, 2001
Andy, you are still a poser.

Derek Sutcliffe | July 21, 2001
im sorry...but please explain how it would just you would just all of a sudden lose the nerve? i could see if the Piercer hit the nerve when peircing but not over time

Anna Gregoline | July 21, 2001
The way I understand it is, if the nerve is damaged at all during piercing, it can slowly deaden over time. There is only one main nerve in your tongue. So, therefore, if this happens, you're screwed.

"Other complications of tongue piercing include problems speaking, eating, and swallowing. Jewelry that separates can be swallowed or inhaled into your larynx or lungs. Tongue piercing can also cause keloid scars and deep cysts that do not resolve after removal of the metal. Nerve damage, resulting in temporary or permanent numbness at the site of the piercing, permanent loss of taste, or increased and prolonged salivation and drooling can also develop. Some people have allergies to metals and may be hypersensitive to the metal in oral jewelry."

Here's the link where I got the blurb above:>

Another one says:

"Post-procedure, patients routinely experience temporary excessive salivation, pain, speech impediment, and irritation from foods, especially salty foods. They are advised to use ice to reduce symptoms and to maintain a liquid diet for a short duration. Because the tongue is a muscle, unlike the earlobe, additional more serious consequences are a reality, although they occur infrequently. These risks include scarring, permanent damage to veins and nerves, deep cyst formation, as well as development of neuromas that are defined as overgrowth of nerve tissue. These complications can produce permanent loss of taste, sensation, and tongue mobility. The tongue is infused with a vascular network; therefore, piercing causes considerable bleeding. When a blood clot forms at the wound site, there is also the remote but distinct possibility that a small piece could break away and flow through the blood stream to lodge in the brain causing a stroke."

That sounds a bit more extreme, but these are all things to consider. Your tongue IS a muscle, not a bit of flesh like an earlobe. You wouldn't pierce your bicep, without fearing consequences, would you?

Anyway, I just want to make sure people know about the dangers before doing something. If I even make you a bit more interested in learning more about it before doing it, at least you'll be better able to deal with the consequences before going through with it.

Kelly Lee | July 22, 2001
P.S. I know what you did and I'm telling Mom. :-P

Andy Lee | July 23, 2001
Kelly kelly kelly, you are pretty stupid to the hand that feeds. I would not say anything to mom about this, or call me a poser for that matter. Who gives you money to help you out??? Who will keep sending money to you to keep you down there? Again... Dont bite the hand that feeds.

Kelly Lee | July 23, 2001

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