Russ Wilhelm won this round on May 31, 2023. There were 31 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (31 goos solved, a perfect score), Steve West (26 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (22 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (21 goos solved), Samir Mehta (20 goos solved), Erik Bates (11 goos solved), and Scott Hardie (7 goos solved).

Richard Lewis

For a self-deprecating comic who once wanted anything but to fall in love with Jamie Lee Curtis, it's easy to play an unflattering version of himself in a show about restraining one's excitement. Go »

Bill Amend

His long-running family comic strip teaches real physics by way of the bespectacled youngest son and helps radio operators spell the letter F. Go »

Michael Fagan

Entering a royal residence is a piece of cake, or a half bottle of wine or cheese and crackers as this decorator discovered. Go »

Tones and I

This singer from down under may not be able to dance very well but this singer might be able to train an ape. Go »

Khaby Lame

There has to be a simpler way to guess this Senegalese-Italian entertainer on TikTok. Go »

Jackson Pollock

This splatter painter had a lot of scented related art but searching for the body will be impossible. Go »

Christine Fox

This Naval civilian official went from (sort of) dating Tom Cruise in a movie to (sort of) being Deputy Secretary of Defense. Go »

Jess King

So she thought she could dance, but she spun it into a career on a bike. Who's the king? Go »

Abel Tasman

Fiji? Check. Tasmania? Found it. New Zealand? Next! Australia? Never heard of it. Go »

Anthony Daniels

A comedic supporting role in an epic space-opera film series must seem like a golden part for an actor, unless you want your face to be visible or your dialogue not to sound robotic. Go »

Nolan Arenado

This Rocky stud was traded to the Cardinals and could have picked 28 other teams to go to but decided St. Louis was his pick. Go »

Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton

She was released from prison in three years and pardoned in four, but it took a total of 32 years after the alleged crime for a coroner to make an official ruling that a dingo did, in fact, have her baby. Go »

Dylan Mulvaney

This TikTok star has faced plenty of controversy since coming out as a girl, despite her daily videos having a friendly tone that suggests that she's the kind of down-to-Earth person you could have a beer with. Go »

Greyfriars Bobby

This terrier became a Scottish legend by demonstrating loyalty and perseverance well after he no longer had a master to whom to demonstrate them. Go »

Leah Chase

This celebrated Creole chef and long-lived Louisianan didn't have to pursue a legacy: She earned one by doing more for the civil rights movement than just cooking for their secret meetings in her restaurant. Go »

Alex Murdaugh

In March, a jury convicted this former lawyer of the crime that his name sounds like in an exaggerated accent from his native South Carolina. Go »

Rebel Wilson

She took an upside-down path to fame, playing a fat chick in a gang and a fat college student in a singing group before later playing a Nazi and a high school student, but she's always been one to push back against the right way to do things. Go »

John Gray

Aliens who supposedly visit Earth share a name with this relationship counselor, but that probably doesn't have anything to do with his belief in extraterrestrial explanations for marital conflict. Go »

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

This Italian portrait artist preferred subjects made out of produce and literature. Go »

Rosario Dawson

You may have enjoyed this actress's work alongside Jedi and Mandalorians, Defenders, Men in Black, Lego Batman, and a couple of clerks. Go »

Lydia Fairchild

The Washington officials who believed her DNA instead of her were trying to do what was fair for each child. Go »

R. Budd Dwyer

This keystone politician determined that he couldn't do the time. Go »

Randall Park

You'd have to be fresh off of the boat to fall for a prank in which your office co-worker turned into a completely different person, but he'll always be Dwight's maybe Jim. Go »

Cocaine Bear

First, it was a black bear minding its own business in Georgia. Then, for about five minutes, it was the greatest apex predator on Earth. Now, it's a tourist exhibit, legally performing marriages at a mall in Kentucky. Go »

Daniel Boone

Coonskin? No thanks - hate 'em. I'll stick with felt caps. Go »

Andy Baio

Whether you want to share your calendar of upcoming events, kick-start a crowd-funded project, read an influential blog about Internet culture, attend a tic-tac-toe festival, enjoy an animated series by the Rick & Morty creator, make fun of a kid who likes Star Wars, or watch a supercut of the above, this guy could help. Go »

Jermaine Fuller

Not even the d-o-double-g could save this lover of childhood sandwiches. Go »

George Santos

You're supposed to write your resume in the most flattering light. You're not supposed to invent most of your self-published biography whole-cloth, especially when the job you're seeking is in Congress. Go »

Jennifer Peepas

If you're an awkward geek or you just need some help setting boundaries, you may want to consult the professor on the subject. Go »

Natasha Wagner

Perfect jeans require the perfect butt. Go »

Donald Gould

After years on the streets, he may have wanted to sail away (or at least walk away on the water) from his coastal city with the outpouring of support that his viral video generated. Go »