Steve West won this round on August 31, 2023. There were 31 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (31 goos solved, a perfect score), Richard Slominsky (21 goos solved), Samir Mehta (17 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (15 goos solved), Scott Hardie (13 goos solved), and Steve West (13 goos solved, a perfect score).

Sawney Bean

This Scotsman had so many people for dinner in his unusual home that it took "Man Cave" to a new level. Go »

Ryan Tannehill

This Texan thrower tosses to Tennessee TItans teammates. Go »

Barry Levinson

Directing an actor's accurate portrayal of a neurodivergent adult earned this director an Academy Award. Go »

Aimee Semple McPherson

She was known for treating her parishioners squarely. Go »

Joe Garagiola Sr.

Best known as a catcher, he was a co-host on The Today Show, host of a variety of game shows, and a baseball broadcaster, each respectively longer than his baseball career. Go »

Maria Spelterini

I'd be a basket case too if I visited Niagara Falls five times in a month, especially with her view. Go »

Rob Ford

Toronto's most scandalous mayor ended his tumultuous career in public service due to an illness other than alcohol and drug addiction. Go »

Cat Stevens

Prior to his conversion to Islam, he wrote hit songs about the world being wild, his dog being loved, and a particular cut being deepest. Go »

Douglas Fairbanks

This "King of Hollywood" was a founding member of United Artists and the Motion Picture Academy. Go »

Allison Mack

The headlines could have read, "Small Town Girl Makes Good Cult Member." Go »

Mark Grenon

Selling bleach as a cure for COVID-19 was as credible as the second book of Genesis, according to both this podcasting patriarch and the public prosecutors in his trial this week. Go »

Triple H

For a wrestler whose name explains how to spell his name, he has avoided the obvious career path, instead converting his kayfabe marriage and job into real ones. Go »

Ana Navarro

This Nicaraguan-born commentator has an interesting view working for both CNN and Telemundo as a Never-Trump Republican in the MAGA era. Go »

Ric Ocasek

This rocker dumped his supermodel wife and drove his car to the town of Heartbeat, sold candy door-to-door, looked at the panorama and thought, "I can't shake it up and make a move like this." Go »

Catherine Hickland

On-screen, she married her husband, who was playing Michael Knight. But off-screen, after their break-up, she married Michael Knight. Go »

Kevin Pollak

Two of this gifted impressionist's roles pit him head-to-head against Jack Nicholson in one and Kevin Spacey in the other. Go »

A.S. King

Once she switched to a successful career writing YA fiction, she was never again a passenger in life. Who's the king? Go »

Kevin Chamberlin

He's made a name for himself on Broadway portraying a phony sorceror, a septic relative, and a noble pachyderm. Go »

Henry Rathbone

He and his fiancĂ©e were the last of a long list of invitees to the theater where his host was assassinated. Go »

Montel Williams

This former Jarhead Squid earned almost a dozen military medals and capped it with an Emmy. Go »

Dierks Bentley

In 2003, this country singer's eponymous debut album went platinum and twenty years later, his latest album sounds like Yukon Cornelius using an asphalt ingredient road to get to his treasure. Go »

Sterling Holloway

A Disney legend rarely seen on-screen, his instantly recognizable voice brought many characters to life. Go »

Gale Gordon

On no episode was it revealed that Lucy's boss was a follower of Sun Myung Moon. Go »

Dawn Scott

A soccer game usually has two 45-minute periods, but she has tracked many more than that to gain a competitive advantage for the USWNT. Go »

Mark Harmon

A surprisingly talented quarterback at UCLA, this actor was not drafted by the NFL. He turned that rejection into an incredibly successful career in television but movies - not so much. Go »

Larry Fine

With a career in vaudeville, film, and television spanning six decades, it's amazing that this middleman had any hair left after performing with a trio of brothers. Go »

Kent McCord

When you read it, his call sign indicates Division 1, two officer patrol, and his beat in the LAPD. Go »

Cindy Williams

She would never have a normal life again after being cast in a hit show set in Milwaukee, but she continued getting by. Go »

Marty Feldman

This bug-eyed comedian made Igor a legend. Go »

Muggsy Bogues

All you oaks get out of the way because this shrub is coming through for a layup. Go »

Ken Berry

An accomplished dancer, appearing on Broadway, his career is better known for his TV roles as a cavalry captain, a small-town sheriff, comedic relief to Richard Chamberlain, and a hayseed family's youngest son. Go »