Russ Wilhelm won this round on September 30, 2023. There were 27 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (27 goos solved, a perfect score), Steve West (14 goos solved), Scott Hardie (10 goos solved), and Richard Slominsky (8 goos solved).

Todd Field

This writer-director's three films are among the most acclaimed of the century so far, earning him six Oscar nominations. Not bad for a kid who once invented a sports-themed bubble gum. Go »

Nancy Kulp

Me, Jethro. You, Jane. Go »

Sarah Drew

She played the girlfriend of Chris Pratt in a Colorado small town and the wife of Jesse Williams in a Seattle hospital. Go »

Parker Posey

When it comes to mockumentaries, she's Christopher Guest's go-to girl. Go »

Grace Lee Whitney

She appeared in only eight episodes of the television series but her last film appearance was in a movie based on that series. Go »

King Bach

He really liked using a particular video-sharing site, but luckily he wasn't married to it. Who's the king? Go »

Arte Johnson

This actor was very interesting... but stupid. Go »

Matt Rife

Only the fans of this Midwestern comedian know what he considers red flags in the audience. Go »

Oliver Anthony

He didn't join the ranks of rich men (in fact, he didn't have a dollar) until a lightning-bolt-from-the-blue viral hit that made him Billboard's first #1 artist with no prior chart presence. Go »

Vivek Ramaswamy

This near-billionaire might have to be high on his own pharmaceutical supply to think that his poll numbers relative to Donald Trump's give him a chance at the GOP nomination. Go »

Hideki Tojo

Prime Minister, general, and convicted war criminal hanged after the Tokyo Trials. Go »

Louisa May Alcott

Her most enduring novels were about tiny females and tiny males. Go »

Jann Mardenborough

When this gamer was selected to try professional motorsports, he was given the grand tour. Go »

Charles Mingus

Considered one of the greatest musicians of his genre, ALS eventually made it impossible for him to play his favored instrument. Go »

Joel Grey

One of Broadway's best, this actor, singer, dancer, photographer, and theater director is best known for his Oscar-winning role as a questionably sinister master of ceremony. Go »

Rachel Campos-Duffy

She demonstrates what happens when Fox & Friends hosts stop being polite, and start getting real. Go »

Danilo Cavalcante

Now that he's back in custody, it's safe to talk about this Brazilian fugitive. Can you name him? Go »

Georg Gaertner

This German escapee was the last of his kind. Go »

Daniel Chester French

In a story of centuries, this sculptor's first work was commissioned by a world-renowned poet and philosopher in the 19th century, but his most famous work was designed by him in the 20th century housed in a temple style of a 1st century civilization. Go »

Scott Cawthon

His attempt at a kid-friendly video game was criticized for animatronic animals that were too scary, so he chose to make a horror game with them instead, which turned out to be a lucrative decision. Go »

Hope Dworaczyk Smith

Normally I'd hope that a career in modeling wouldn't have ruined her sense of body positivity, but with subsequent careers owning a spa, running a skincare company, and publishing a book about pregnancy advice, I'd say she's made the right choice(s). Go »

Coco Gauff

This Miami-based athlete decided to take up tennis after meeting Serena Williams at age 8. At age 15, she defeated Venus Willaims at Wimbledon. Go »

Jim Croce

If you had a bottle containing the time that he's been gone, it would now be forty years full. Go »

Carly Rae Jepsen

Canadians idolized this native singer, but the rest of the world decided maybe not to call her back for an encore. Go »

Winslow Homer

This largely self-taught painter is most well-known for his landscapes. His Civil War illustrations have enormous historical significance. Go »

Greta Gerwig

She has written and/or directed movies about women who are little, bird-like, iconic dolls, ha-ha funny, American, and taking the stairs. Go »

John Cheever

The upshot of having the first f-bomb in the Book of the Month Club is getting to write about the scandal afterwards. Go »