Steve West won this round on October 31, 2023. There were 31 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (31 goos solved, a perfect score), Steve West (21 goos solved, a perfect score), Erik Bates (16 goos solved), Scott Hardie (10 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (8 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (4 goos solved), and Chris Lemler (2 goos solved).

Sage Steele

This TV anchor, who is of two colors (in name as well as race), is no longer at the center of American sports since making conservative comments about race, gender, and COVID vaccines. Go »

Nikolai Vavilov

For the crime of storing and studying seeds so that he could feed millions of people, he was given a decades-long sentence to prison, where he died of starvation. Go »

Rona Barrett

Is gossip news? What about in celebrity-obsessed Los Angeles starting in, say, 1966? Go »

Donald Pleasence

This actor lent his pleasant presence to such diverse film series as James Bond, Halloween, and Escape. Go »

Don McLean

His folk-rock hit about patriotic dessert chronicled the end of innocence for a generation. Go »

Rosalind Chao

Despite plenty of luck in her film career, she remains best known for her TV roles, as a wife in M*A*S*H and Star Trek, and an educator in Diff'rent Strokes and The O.C. Go »

Jonathan King

The "ooga chaka" that he added to a Blue Swede song remains one of the enduring sounds of the 1970s, even if his recording career has not endured a conviction for paedophilia. Who's the king? Go »

Kenneth Washington

Even Sergeant Kinchloe's replacement had no trouble fooling his Nazi camp guards. Go »

Roland the Farter

Each Christmas, he was obligated to leap, put his lips together and blow, and become flatulent. Go »

John Ford

A four-time Academy Award winner, this director was an accomplished soldier, awarded 21 medals and citations during WWII and the Korean War. Go »

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

If this Prussian military genius hadn't been rejected by various European armies for being gay, he might not have served so influentially in the American revolution and enabled the freedoms that we enjoy today, a quirk of history celebrated annually on the streets of Chicago (and once by Ferris Bueller). Go »

Tobe Hooper

This director tormented audiences with classic movie monsters from Mars, Jerusalem's Lot, and his native Texas, but his career never overcame the rumors that one of his biggest successes was actually directed by Steven Spielberg. Go »

Elisha Otis

What goes up, must come down. But not dangerously (even fatally) because of his inventive solution. Go »

Eric Idle

This British actor has done anything but sit still ever since Monty Python wrapped up: He went on the run as a nun, adventured with Baron Munchausen, and enchanted Shrek (but not Ella). Go »

Devery Jacobs

She played a Mohawk girl named after candy and another girl murdered by Joey King, but it's her role as a Res Dog that made her a breakout star, on a show that also let her write and direct. Go »

Kelly LeBrock

This model and actress was everywhere in the eighties, being computer-generated by a couple of horny teenagers, getting rescued by her almost immortal then-husband Steven Seagal, and imploring shampoo consumers not to hate her because she was beautiful. Go »

Amanda Seyfried

She found success in movies as a mean girl and a misérable, but she dropped out and returned to her big first love, television, to win an Emmy. Go »

Tito Puente

Listen how it goes... written by this musician, his song became most popular when recorded by a legendary Latin rock guitarist. Go »

Randy Rhoads

This heavy metal guitarist didn't live to see Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, but his name sounds like what one of them traverses, his best-known riff was in a song about another of them being mentally ill, and he met his unfortunate death in the other one while on tour. Go »

Jim Nabors

From gas station attendant to marine, well golleeee! Go »

Victor of Aveyron

He brought new meaning to the phrase "Wild Child". Go »

Crispin Glover

He got a kick out of appearing on David Letterman's show, but his career never quite recovered from it. Subsequently, the most influence he had in Hollywood was by not appearing in Back to the Future Part II. Go »

Judd Nelson

This brat packer's star faded on film but resurged on the small screen. Go »


This singer with a mountainous name has been crunk royalty since her first album. She'll don a royal color this Christmas. Go »

Linda Lavin

While married to Kaz, she worked for Mel. Go »

Tommy Lee Jones

He's starring in a new movie about a burial, but a couple of decades ago, he starred in (and directed) a movie about three burials. A decade before that, he starred in movies about killers and heaven, and those came a decade after a movie about facing the executioner. Go »

David Hyde Pierce

So far, the new continuation of a long-running TV sitcom (which moved back to the East coast from the West) hasn't seen hide nor hair of the fraternal character played by this theater veteran. Go »

Paula Poundstone

With a name consisting of two British standard units, this asexual, atheist comedian has been doing stand-up for nearly half a century. Go »

Roger Moore

Would you believe a spy created one of the most magnificent ice cream bars in the world? Go »

Dennis Franz

This TV actor specialized in playing cops: His story started with one in Chicago, then he moved on to Hill Street in an unknown city, briefly relocated to Beverly Hills, got nasty in Las Vegas, and most famously ended his career feeling blue with the New York Police Department. Go »

Jenni Ringley

These days, people post seconds-long clips of their lives on platforms like TikTok. A quarter century ago, this nudist pioneered the concept by putting online her entire day, every day, initially just to prove that she could write the code. Go »