Steve West won this round on February 29, 2024. There were 29 goos.

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (29 goos solved, a perfect score), Steve West (25 goos solved, a perfect score), Samir Mehta (23 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (16 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (16 goos solved), Erik Bates (8 goos solved), and Scott Hardie (2 goos solved).

Allen Ludden

Ikea... wrench... heavy... are clues this host might have used on his game show. Go »

Ming-Na Wen

Since joining the showbiz club with her lucky break in 1993, she has been an ER doctor, a Marvel spy, a Star Wars assassin, a Stargate administrator, a Batman detective, a video-game street fighter, and a Disney warrior princess with a talking dragon. Go »

Sam Raimi

He's best known for directing and co-writing a pair of movie trilogies, torturing Bruce Campbell with a dark army of the dead, and torturing Peter Parker with a series of comic-book villains. Go »

Kaitlin Olson

It's a long journey from Portland to L.A. to Philadelphia. Thank goodness it's sunny there. Go »

Ken Hakuta

This Korean toymaker drove parents up the wall in the 1980s, and helped kids invent their own toys despite falsifying his postgraduate credentials. Go »

Rachel Scott

Rachel on Friends was ashamed of her high school years, but this Rachel's Friends know that she wasn't. Go »

Brian Tyree Henry

This actor knows how to get around Hollywood, having experience with boardwalks, causeways, bullet trains, and Beale Street. Go »

Brock Purdy

Getting to the Super Bowl in only his second season is a purdy good achievement for a guy deemed irrelevant in the 2022 draft. Go »

Steven Donziger

Representing the Ecuadorian people against Big Oil can get you jailed in New York City. Go »

Julie Andrews

A spoonful of sugar became one of her favorite things after a pair of mid-60s musical performances made her a star! Go »

Mercy Brown

Over a century ago, this victim of consumption was risen from the grave to investigate allegations that she was rising from the grave to consume victims. Go »

Paul Goldschmidt

He traded one red uniform for another in 2019, but across both eras of his long career, this first baseman from southeast Texas has racked up four Gold gloves and a lot of other plaudits. Go »

David Ignatius

His years of covering foreign affairs for the Washington Post helped him turn Leonardo DiCaprio into an espionage agent. Go »

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard

She committed murder by proxy after years of suffering Munchausen by proxy. Go »

Bryce Hall

This Maryland-born YouTuber was fined for partying during a COVID lockdown, but his house had enough sway with followers not to affect his popularity. Go »

Mary Anning

Seeking skeletal specimens, she scoured seasides, sans scientific salutation, supposedly spawning some sibilant Sullivan song. Go »

Amy Winehouse

You don't have to be a TOPER to join music's infamous "27 Club," but refusing in song form to go to rehab might be a sign that you're taking the drinking too far. Go »

Gene Siskel

Prior to his 1999 passing, this film critic considered himself a fair RATER at the movies, even though he gave far more of the dreaded thumbs-down ratings than his TV partner. Go »

John Napier

This Scottish mathematician was so essential to the study of logarithms that the NEPER unit was named after him. Go »

Pauly Fuemana

Bizarrely, he joked that he was a millionaire from ŌTARA before his pop singles actually made him one. Go »

Audra Lindley

Finding sitcom success as a landlady named ROPER was a career high for this one-time stuntwoman from a Hollywood family. Go »

Kiri Te Kanawa

New Zealand's queen of OPERA has been critical of popular music, despite winning a Grammy as part of the West Side Story ensemble. Go »

George Tenet

Following the plot twists of a Christopher Nolan movie like TENET should be a piece of cake for a master of espionage. Go »

Ellen Corby

This actress won three Emmy Awards in four years for her role as a beloved grandma. Go »

Emanuel Bronner

Despite his own blindness, he realized that the ideal audience for his moral and religious screeds turned out to be people stuck in a bathroom with nothing to read. Go »

Angela Stanton-King

She shares QAnon conspiracy theories, was pardoned by Trump after a stint in federal prison, and ran to represent Atlanta in Congress. Who's the king? Go »

Russ Meyer

This director, who collaborated with Roger Ebert, Anita Ekberg, and Charles Napier, was known for stretching the limits of film ratings as much as his actresses stretched the limits of their costumes. Go »

Robert Wagner

Possibly (probably) involved in his actress wife's mysterious death, this actor took away some insight to crime from working on his hit series. Go »

Emily King

This singer from New York's lower East Side made her mononymous first appearance on a 2004 Nas album while still 19. Who's the king? Go »