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Mohamed Zakariya

On this 1400th anniversary of the first Eid al-Fitr, if you wanted to tell someone "Eid mubarak" through the U.S. mail, you might apply the work of this Virginia-based calligrapher. Go »

Lupe Fiasco

Since humble beginnings in a food & liquor shop, he went on to be a successful entrepreneur, with a focus on lasers and drills. Go »

Teddy Swims

After a dive into the deep end of the music pool, this singer resurfaced with a hit single about self-control (not breath control) and learned to freestyle over an impressive variety of genres. Go »

Liver King

This influencer believes in unprocessed raw meat, but not in unprocessed raw truth about his own steroid use. Who's the king? Go »

John Ratzenberger

Long after his most famous job as a Boston mail carrier, he found a second career providing voices in every Pixar film—even Ratatouille, despite his name sounding like a health code violation. Go »


Turning a village into an empire that conquered much of a continent was all in a day's work for this sun worshiper, but he's best remembered today for the ruins of his estate on top of a mountain. Go »

Che Guevara

Long before this Marxist revolutionary appeared on the shirts and dorm walls of college students, he kept "motorcycle diaries" of his travels as a young man, including his pivotal trip to a mountaintop ruin that opened his eyes to the exploitation of the locals around it. Go »

Hiram Bingham III

The single day that he spent as the governor of Connecticut was about the same amount of time that he gave anyone else credit for "discovering" Machu Picchu before him. Go »

Martín Chambi

This Indigenous photographer from Cusco made a name for himself by photographing both portraits of the living and the ruins of the dead. Go »

Fabrizio Moretti

This drummer and visual artist is the only South American member of the band that scored an early-2010s streaming hit with a song about a desire to go mountaineering. Go »

Colin Murphy

This British banker was thought to have drowned while hiking to Machu Picchu on vacation, until the cause of death was determined to be a series of head injuries that led to a murder investigation that remains unsolved. Go »

Charlton Heston

By starring in the first major Hollywood studio film made at a Peruvian archeological site, this actor inspired Indiana Jones. Go »

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

A botanist by education, he wound up in professional wrestling, where he put up with endless splinters in his hands in order to lead the audience in a patriotic three-letter chant that made him one of the most popular wrestlers of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Go »

Rishi Sunak

Britain's first prime minister of Indian descent did not buy his way into office, but he could have afforded it. Go »

Doris Kearns Goodwin

When I find myself in times of turbulence, a team of rivals comes to me, speaking World War wisdom: "Wait till next year." Go »

James Woods

He has dealt with many notable figures, including Richard Nixon, Roy Cohn, Charlie Chaplin, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Hercules, and the 9/11 hijackers. Go »

Martha Moxley

One Halloween season in Connecticut (or was it Purgatory?), this teenager fell in with the wrong crowd, namely the Kennedy boys across the street. Go »

Bruce Hornsby

In 1984, this Virginian musician made a home on the range. That's just the way it was. Go »

Julia Butterfly Hill

This Missouri-born activist never made a guest appearance in One Tree Hill. Go »


Looking very young has always been important to this former man-child of a guitarist, ever since his first solo hit about a babe. Go »

Jiro Ono

One of the best-regarded chefs in Japan must have nightmares about working at a Subway. Go »

Jason Hart

Under his leadership, the 46,000 American employees of this fast-growing retail company love to focus on efficiency and simplicity to deliver affordable product to its customers. Go »