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Rey Mysterio

Like something out of a horror movie, this Wrestlemaniac from Tijuana has spawned a family of wrestlers. His ring name roughly translates to: Who's the king? Go »

Adam Scott

He used his severance pay after leaving a parks and recreation department to party down. Go »

Bindi Irwin

Crikey! This third-generation zookeeper's first major live public appearance was delivering a eulogy at age 8. Go »

Simon Pegg

When he had a break from fixing the Enterprise's engines, running from zombies in London, and helping Ethan Hunt pull off impossible missions, he played a junk boss who resembled a blobfish in The Force Awakens. Go »

Treat Williams

This actor made a snack out of lead roles in films as diverse as The Substitute 2, Hair, Deep Rising, 1941, and Dead Heat, but for fun, he went uncredited as an unnamed background extra in The Empire Strikes Back, playing a rebel on the planet Hoth. Go »

Jason Sudeikis

This SNL veteran wasn't very familiar with soccer as coach Ted Lasso, but that character was still more competent than his scout trooper who couldn't even guard a baby in The Mandalorian. Go »

Diahann Carroll

None of her nominations for five Emmys, three Golden Globes, two Grammys, and one Oscar were for playing a holographic sex fantasy. Go »

Greg Proops

With two independent heads and personalities, his Star Wars character probably often wondered whose line it was. Go »

Clint Howard

He's been making one-off appearances in the other Star-based media franchise since he was a child, as well as in the films made by his famous actor-writer-director brother. One of the latter included a solo appearance in the Star Wars series. Go »

Bea Arthur

Beloved by fans for her many years on Broadway, as well as television appearances as a liberal housewife in the 1970s and a Miami roommate in the 1980s, she is nonetheless overlooked for her greatest role of all, a singing bartender forced to close her cantina early due to a planet-wide curfew. Go »

Delta Burke

Despite being the only female lead nominated for an Emmy, she was fired after the fifth season of her hit show. Go »

Kat Graham

Her name sounds like a business that lets you send cats to your friends. Instead, this actress and singer delivered criticism to Hollywood, complaining openly about the racism and antisemitism that she experienced over eight years of playing a witch among vampires. Go »

Christopher Scott

So you think you can guess who this choreographer from the heights is? Go »

Mena Suvari

Her movie career started nowhere but she found work in a US bakery, a US salon, a US airline, a second US bakery, and eventually, a get-together of them all. Go »

Eugene O'Neill

His plays about hairy apes, icy men, stately mansions, and laughing Lazari earned him four Pulitzers. Go »

Amerigo Vespucci

This Italian cartographer was so influential in mapping the New World that he became synonymous with it. Go »

Jeff Probst

He went from hosting Rock & Roll Jeopardy! on VH1 to competing in Celebrity Jeopardy! to contributing pre-recorded answers in the "Reality TV Hosts" category of Jeopardy!, now that he's most famous for snuffing torches after the tribe speaks in a different TV competition. Go »

N. Scott Momaday

His 1969 novel won a Pulitzer and was the dawn of a renaissance in Native American literature. Go »

Brad Dourif

He specializes in playing madmen, like a mental patient who beds a prostitute, a psychotic Starfleet officer in distant space, a playful killer trapped in a child's toy, and a grimy advisor to a confused king. Go »

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

Her life got better with every letter that he wrote, which is why she meticulously kept all of his correspondence and lobbied aggressively for its publication and preservation. Go »

Nancy Spungen

After this punk was killed, no trial ever determined whether she was viciously murdered. Go »

Ted Koppel

This alphabetical broadcaster's coverage of the Iran hostage crisis lasted for 25 years. Go »