This round is still underway and has had 21 goos so far. Start playing!

Players this round: Russ Wilhelm (20 goos solved), Steve West (11 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (6 goos solved), Scott Hardie (5 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (4 goos solved), and Samir Mehta (4 goos solved).

Daniel Ek

This college dropout became a billionaire by offering music on a smörgåsbord basis. Go »


This classic Japanese artist inspired a wave of imitators including Monet and Van Gogh. Go »

Pat Buchanan

This American Conservative and influential political thinker worked for three presidents and ran for the office himself in 1992, 1996, and 2000. Go »

Ignacio Anaya

During WWII, this Mexican chef invented a cheesy snack for hungry Americans that has become a staple at sports stadiums, movie theaters, and convenience stores. Go »

Antony Blinken

As senior government officials go, this diplomat is no Abe Lincoln, but as a Spotify artist, he is. Go »

Rachel Dratch

After a downer of a run on SNL, she joined her sisters on a wine-drinking trip into the country. Go »

Horace Meek Hickam

This Lt. Colonel and member of the "Caterpillar Club" saw early the potential of military aircraft. Go »


One of the most knowingly sensational individuals on YouTube is a kindred spirit, in fact, of anyone who has kept Sidemen independent via audience support. Go »

Damien Chazelle

Be careful not to get whiplash in an effort to watch all of his Oscar nominated films at the same time. Go »

Seth Bullock

Lawman and hardware store owner, this Canuck was a favorite of Roosevelt. Go »

Buddy Valastro

He's your boss. He's not your friend, guy. Go »

Robert Arkins

I'm committed to his movie role but not so much his music. Go »

Danai Gurira

This Tony-nominated playwright is better known to audiences for her associations with walking dead and Wakandans. Go »

Bernardo O'Higgins

This South American founding father will forever be associated with his Anglo roots. Go »