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Players this season: Russ Wilhelm (24 goos solved), Samir Mehta (24 goos solved), LaVonne Lemler (21 goos solved), Steve West (19 goos solved), Richard Slominsky (18 goos solved), Scott Hardie (8 goos solved), and Erik Bates (3 goos solved).

Arch Aplin III

Inspired by his woodland-creature nickname, this Texan imagined someday owning and running a large chain of gas stations throughout the South, and I mean world-record large. Go »

Rachel Comey

This designer, who has dressed a lusty rock band, watched her career take flight alongside 9/11. Go »

Ferdinand Magellan

500 years ago today, his expedition proved by direct action that the world was round after sailing around it in its entirety, and yet we still argue about whether it's flat. Go »

Thomas Arakaki

This Hawaiian should have never told the cops that he had to kill his uncle. But was he able to stand trial for his crime? Go »

Robert Liston

Without anesthesia, this Scottish doctor not only didn't save the patient but killed three people in the attempt. Go »

DeMarcus Cousins

This King of Sacramento's reign of terror eventually ended after years of hostile, bullying, and borderline violent behavior, which he might have picked up from extended relatives. Go »

Charles III

Taking over a monarchy is complicated, but this Brit has had 73 years to prepare. Go »

John Roberts

He is America's 17th most supreme Supreme. Go »

Marc Savard

This Canadian never played enough required games in 2011 but automatically got his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. After joining the coaching staff for the 2019 Stanley Cup champs, he's now working in Windsor. Go »

Michel Pierre

This New Yorker flushed and (surprise!) got shrapnel wounds instead. Go »

Christiane Völling

When genetics and anatomy disagree, a surgeon might intervene to repair the difference, and it might take a defendant's day in court to repair that damage. This German woman is the first to sue successfully. Go »

Halima Cisse

Talk about Birth of a Nation! Octomom can kiss her Malian ass. Go »

Joseph Oberhansley

This Jeffrey Dahmer of Indiana just couldn't get enough of his ex-girlfriend. Go »

Anna Sorokin

She went from Russia to Germany and to France within New York City, unless that was all another invention too. Go »

Colleen Hoover

Maybe someday this veritably hopeless girl will confess her ugly love before it ends with retreat too late. Maybe now? Go »

Mariska Hargitay

Somewhere in the 24 years (and counting) of playing a sex crimes investigator for the NYPD, she was moved to start a joyful foundation to help victims of sexual abuse. Go »

Matt Hires

This frontman from Florida might not want to hire pretty girls who come from ugly places to dance at the F-Stop. Go »

Frankie Lymon

This soprano lead singer of an eponymous boy band split with the band after a huge hit. His solo career tanked and was followed by a heroin overdose a decade later. Go »