Players are invited to create their own celebrity goos. Here's how many each player has gotten published.

152 published goos
Chris Lemler

65 published goos
Russ Wilhelm

59 published goos
Steve West

58 published goos
Lori Lancaster

36 published goos
Erik Bates

29 published goos
Samir Mehta

28 published goos
Matthew Preston

23 published goos
Denise Sawicki

15 published goos
Justin Woods

14 published goos
LaVonne Lemler

10 published goos
Mike Eberhart
Scott Horowitz

8 published goos
Dan Donovan
Ryan Dunn

6 published goos
Aaron Shurtleff
Angela Lathem-Ballard
D. R.
E. M.
Tony Peters

5 published goos
Dave Mitzman
Joanna Woods
Kelly Hardie
Steve Dunn

3 published goos
Anna Gregoline
Jackie Mason

2 published goos
Aaron Fischer
Brannan Conrad
C. K.
Edward Tegge
Elliot Farney
Jason Lemler
JB Brenner
Jeff Flom
Mihai Rusu
Sarah Kyle
Steve Elliser

1 published goo
Brad Htnck
Jason Charles Butterhoff
Jason Evans
Jerry Mathis
Jon Berry
Megan Baxter
Michael Paul Cote
Mike Rothstein
Wendy Hampson

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