2 Guns
Two special agents -- one Naval intelligence, one DEA -- partner for an undercover sting against a drug cartel that takes a serious wrong turn. Disavowed by their agencies, the pair goes on the run while trying to find out who set them up.

Evie Totty: “It ruled.”

Now I kind of know what people mean by 'too many superhero movies'. This movie has some bad-ass characters in it and neither one has super powers nor do they pretend to be heroes.

Caught up in a web of deception they use their wits (and training) to not only make the best out of a bad situation but to come out on top.

Washington and Wahlberg were believable in this anti-buddy buddy adventure. I even found myself throwing my fists crossed down in front of me going 'DAYUM!' at one of the bad-ass things they pulled off (forgot what specifically there were so many).

Love, love, loved it.

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Scott Hardie: I hadn't really planned on seeing this. Now I will. Thanks! :-) − August 4, 2013 • more by Scott

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