In this adventure saga set during the last Ice Age, a young man on a hunting expedition loses his bearings and must make his way through a hostile landscape -- accompanied only by his dog -- to reunite with his tribe.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

I knew very little about this movie going in, and maybe that's the way to enjoy it. The plot is sparse and easy to spoil with a trailer or summary. The movie lives in the little details of the acting performances and in the big beautiful shots of an underdeveloped land. (I'm so used to seeing Iceland stand in for prehistoric Earth that I was surprised to learn that this was filmed in Canada.) If some of the plot specifics seem improbable and historically inaccurate, I can live with that for the sake of such a beautiful and brutal adventure being created on film. I also appreciate that most of the movie has no dialogue, and doesn't need any; it creates a more contemplative experience.

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