An Invisible Sign
When a puzzling disease devastates her beloved father, math prodigy Mona Gray deals with the pain by isolating herself from the rest of the world and turning for comfort to the reliable world of mathematics. But when she later teaches math to troubled grade school kids, Mona discovers that her gift can be a route back from her long emotional exile. Marilyn Agrelo directs and Jessica Alba stars in this adaptation of the book by Aimee Bender.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Characters in this movie have serious conditions like eye cancer and paranoid schizophrenia and severe social anxiety disorder, but the symptoms are all of the endearing quirky indie-film variety, and they come and go according to the needs of the plot, and they make the characters do really stupid, unrealistic things in the interests of the plot. It's a frustrating movie to watch, because for every one scene of real warmth between the likeable characters, there are three scenes of them acting like imbeciles because they're "special." Jessica Alba really throws herself into the part of the nervous recluse terrified of human contact, even though she's visibly much too old for the part, and most of the supporting actors are pretty good too, even the kids. But the movie is too phony and shallow to have much emotional impact even when it occasionally pulls off a good moment.

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