Fresh out of prison and looking for a new start, master thief Scott Lang is approached by Dr. Pym, creator of a technology that can shrink a man to insect size and boost strength. Together the duo must protect the discovery while saving the world.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Marvel can throw lots of big special effects and popular actors into their movies, but there's no escaping the sense that Ant-Man is a C-list hero unworthy of a big-screen adventure. The somewhat slapdash nature of this film, largely re-written and partially re-shot halfway through production when the original director left, doesn't help. The action scenes are decent and there are lots of MCU references for superfans, but the plot has many holes that don't make sense, and the movie just feels too slight. It needs more jokes, more character development, more everything. This is Marvel's shortest movie yet and it feels like it.

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