Battle Royale
When even schoolchildren begin to abuse a system on the verge of social collapse, the Japanese government introduces a strict new punishment whereby randomly chosen students are taken to a deserted island and forced to fight each other to the death.

Lori Lancaster: “It ruled.”

In a nut shell, it is freaking awesome. It is gritty, poignant, and epic.
Hunger Games may be celebrated as the first of it's kind, but before the Hunger Games there was Battle Royale. There is more of a connection that the audience is able to form with the characters and there is no way out. No sponsors to save your butt when you get stung by something, no sponsors to kiss up to so you can save your 'sweet heart.' It is just the person and how they can rely upon themselves. It shows an interesting take on group dynamics and how some people view each other -whether correctly or incorrectly... by and by it is a great film.

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