Wet Hot American Summer
It's the end of summer, and everyone at Camp Firewood wants a final shot at some action. Lovelorn Coop tries to get the attention of a fellow counselor, while camp director Beth has a crush of her own in this spoof on 1980s summer-camp camp.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Time has been exceptionally kind to this scrappy little movie and its growing reputation, perhaps because we have grown familiar with the cast and their senses of humor in the years since its release, as so many of them have become major stars. I'm glad that I saw it today instead of when it first came out, or I might have disliked it as much as many critics did. It's not a great movie, lacking any real comedic point of view (except that the shitty summer-camp comedies of the late '70s and early '80s sure were shitty), but it's often quite funny and that's what really matters. I really appreciated the diversity of humor involved; if a particular joke didn't get you to laugh, moments later the movie will try something completely different. I couldn't name a favorite scene if I tried.

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