Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

This is not nearly as bad as its reputation, but it is almost all action and plot, with very little comedy beyond an extended (and virtually all improvised) scene with Bronson Pinchot. In fact, it features almost none of Eddie Murphy's fast-talking, widely considered the highlight of the first two films. What it delivers instead is a fast-paced, high-budget action fantasy set in an inspired choice for location, Disneyland. The movie is almost ruined early on by Alex Foley's hilariously implausible single-handed rescue of two children from a self-destructing thrill ride, but it recovers.

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Scott Hardie: Reading an interview now, it sounds like Eddie Murphy was exhausted and very depressed at this point in his career, and he wasn't able to improvise the fast-talking scenes like he could in the 1980s, so they stuck to the action-oriented script. Spending years being whittled down to a nub by the work of churning out countless box-office flops helps to explain why he seemed to give up and coast through lame, low-energy films ever since the late 1990s. − January 19, 2013 • more by Scott

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