Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Some gay critics have complained that Bros forces a gay love story to fit the formula of a straight love story for straight audience appeal even while making a central point that gay love is not like straight love. I can understand that, but I can only respond to the film as a straight viewer, and I loved it. Bros is joyous, quick-witted, moving, well written, well acted, and very appealing, with some pretty solid pop-culture criticisms built in as a bonus. After a week of stress (thanks Ian), it was such a welcome relief to sit in a theater and laugh and happy-cry and feel lifted up as if on a cloud of joy.

Billy Eichner deserves much of the credit for its success, as the star, co-writer, and co-producer. He bares himself on camera in many ways, not just in the flesh. You can feel him pouring his heart and obsessions and personal experiences into the film, and also challenging himself to make it fresh and new and honest throughout, and to say and do things he'd never said or done before. I'm very impressed.

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Scott Hardie: Weird technical issue: I noticed a lot more dialogue looping than in a normal film. There were numerous times when an actor's mouth didn't match what we could hear them saying, and often an accompanying cut to a different camera angle in the middle of a sentence in an attempt to conceal the mismatch. I don't know what happened -- I'm guessing they didn't have money for proper reshoots so they tried to patch the film via ADR instead? -- but it was a little distracting. − October 2, 2022 • more by Scott

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