Erik Bates: “It ruled.”

I'm not a huge fan of Nicholas Cage, with three notable exceptions, and all for the same reason:

Con Air
Gone in 60 Seconds
The Rock

These three movies were in heavy rotation with me and my friends in high school. As a result, they hold a very special place in my memory, particularly because my best friend from high school, who I quoted so many lines from all these movies with, passed away a few years ago. They are a reminder of a very happy time in my youth.

I think my dislike of Nick Cage comes only second to my dislike of John Travolta, so you can only imagine how I feel about Face/Off.

That being said, this movie was hilarious. Nicholas Cage making fun of himself works for me. Maybe because it makes me not feel so bad about making fun of him, myself. Pedro Pascal is a God damn delight of an actor, and I need to see him in more comedies.

The one meme clip that made the rounds for a while from this movie is great, but it is by far not what got the biggest laughs out of me.

There were a lot of references that I just didn't catch likely due to my aforementioned dislike of him.

Back here to edit and say: Gone in 60 Seconds came out in 2000. I graduated in 1998. Must have watched it on summer break with the aforementioned friends.

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