Bubba Ho-Tep
In this black comedy, Elvis Presley (Bruce Campbell) is an elderly resident in an East Texas rest home who switched identities with an impersonator years before his "death" and missed his chance to switch himself back. When the King teams up with a fellow resident (Ossie Davis) who thinks he's John F. Kennedy, the two old codgers prepare to battle an evil Egyptian entity that's chosen their long-term care facility as its happy hunting grounds.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Goodbye, Age of Irony: When Bruce Campbell plays Elvis and Ossie Davis plays JFK and the movie takes them seriously, we’re back to cinema that respects its characters and audiences. This movie creates a lot of its humor by building on its absurd situation instead of coasting on it, and there are sufficient horror elements too, but the best element is how deep the themes go, well past the indignity of old age and into the grand illusions of American culture. Except for its overwhelming obsession with penis jokes, this is one of the best, most surprising films of 2003.

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