Cube²: Hypercube
Eight strangers wake up trapped in a giant cube in which every door leads to more cubes just like the last. As the prisoners explore their strange habitat, they come to realize that they're inside a dimension where the laws of physics don't apply. As time goes on, they learn that if they can't find a way out soon, they'll face certain death. Presented with mysterious clues to aid in their escape, they'll have work together to find the only way out.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I give this film credit for good intentions. It tries to recreate the basic elements that made the first 'Cube' so intriguing while adding plot twists and cool special effects. But a mishandled ending right out of a bad hour of 'The X-Files' is not an improvement on the original's open ending, since it reveals that what's really going on is actually really boring. Also, the sequel's token psycho-killer is just as obnoxious a presence as the first film's. But there are intriguing ideas none the less, and those special effects are something.

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