Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

It's a rare comedy concert documentary that fails on the performance level, because any act big enough to warrant release as a film is well-honed by the time it's caught on camera. There's also rarely anything that could go wrong on a technical; you cold hold a camcorder in the audience and it would still be an entertaining film. So the only evaluation of such a piece is how much you enjoyed it, and my star rating speaks of my reaction. Jeff Foxworthy is a master of this kind of material by now, and bats nearly a thousand with his extended bit. Bill Engvall is the most down-to-Earth of the bunch, poking fun of himself as a person instead of the people around him or some character he has invented. Ron White's nervousness shows through his mannerisms and permanent grin, but he's got solid material and just the right bitter tone for delivering it. The least appealing is Larry the Cable Guy, a boy among men with his fart jokes, irritating catch phrases, and obviously put-on persona. The skits are hit-and-mostly-miss, but the stand-up material (about 90% of the film) is very funny stuff, told by guys who know how to make just about anybody laugh.

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