Harry + Max
Two pop star brothers, 23-year-old Harry (Bryce Johnson) and 16-year-old Max (Cole Williams), embark on a camping trip together for some quality bonding time. Harry's boy band career is on the decline, while Max is a rising teen icon. During their trip, they hope to come to terms with their dysfunctional family past ... but in the process, they begin to have feelings for each other that redefine the term "brotherly love."

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

This movie is about two brothers, who have separately achieved stardom in boy bands, exploring their secret incestuous relationship while on a private camping trip. Forgive me, but I was expecting some kind of no-holds-barred satire of pop music and all its dirty laundry, or at least some kind of gay/celebrity/incest sparks of any sort. But no: This is a serious drama about two young men deciding whether or not they're in love; the fact that they're brothers or pop stars has virtually nothing to do with it. The clash of expectations doesn't detract from the film's good points, such as the screenplay's sharp ear for natural dialogue, the actors' comprehensive use of body language, or difficult shots such as a winding mountain road seen between two passengers in an SUV. It does, however, leave you wondering why you're sitting through a talky little relationship movie when a much more interesting film could have been made from the same material.

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