Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Marriage has gotten stale and predictable for John and Jane Smith, an average-on-the-surface husband and wife who don't yet know that they share the same undercover line of work: They're both guns for hire.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

It seems silly a year later to even try to reflect on last summer's action-comedy hit, since it has inspired both an upcoming TV sitcom (even though it itself was based on a failed TV sitcom) and a Hollywood supercouple who would seem weird if Tom and Katie weren't around. But the movie is a nutty little entertainment and easy to like, coasting by on Brad Pitt's one-liners and some fantastic sets. It's about as good as $110-million comedy with two giant stars can be, which is to say, we're lucky any wit from the original script survived. It's not a good movie, but it's a fun one.

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Kris Weberg: I wasn't as much of a fan of this one, if only because it neglected to have an actual plot anywhere in it. Who are Mr. and Mrs. Smith working for, respectively? Are they now doomed to live as fugitives? What's their legal status? The movie can't be bothered with even the barest details, so busy is it to set up "the good stuff."

And that rush hurts it: it runs out of "good stuff" in the middle and then meanders painfully. After the admittedly entertaining confrontation between the married couple -- basically the climax of The War of the Roses with military-issue equipment -- the movie just has nowhere to go with them except into the non-plot. − August 18, 2006 • more by Kris

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