Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

I was aware going in that this movie is very popular among lawyers for being an accurate portrayal of the legal system; supposedly, everything except the speed of the trial is true to life. I enjoyed it in that mindset, which helped to ground some of the eccentric characterization and weirdness. Marisa Tomei absolutely runs away with the movie, and I can see why her delightful performance won an Oscar over some dour dramatic rivals. The moral of the story is clear: "Listen to your woman! She knows what she's talking about."

Also: What is up with the ages of the cast? I found it distracting. Mitchell Whitfield at 27 and Ralph Macchio at 31 are too old to be playing college students, and Joe Pesci at 49 seems to be twenty years older than his character. (Marisa Tomei at 27 is almost half his age!)

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Scott Hardie says, "It ruled." Go »


Scott Hardie says, "It ruled." Go »