Desperate for some peace and quiet, New York attorney David Owen (Tim Robbins) takes matters into his own hands. He starts by leaving notes on cars whose owners don't turn off their alarms, but when he's not getting the results he wants, he ups the ante. Soon, he becomes known as "the Rectifier," alternately winning the adulation of citizens and the ire of the mayor (William Hurt). Bridget Moynahan co-stars.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Though this is sold as a wacky satire about one man's war on car alarms, that main storyline provides the weakest elements of the film, especially William Hurt's half-hearted caricature of a villainous mayor that stops just short of the Joker. Seriously: He has orange hair, a purple tie, and green suspenders, and his personality matches. (And besides, the movie's not really funny, at all. There's a couple of parts that might make you smile, at most.)

However, there's a much better drama lurking beneath, about a man losing his grip on sanity and the women who try to coax him back to Earth. The movie smartly links his campaign against unyielding noise to his sexual impotence, and successfully presents him as a complex human being, worth getting to know. It's too bad that the movie's philosophical depths are partly obscured by the corny material on the surface..

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