Ordinary People
Everything is in its proper place in the Jarrett household -- except the past. Mary Tyler Moore scored an Oscar nod for her role as repressed mother Beth Jarrett, whose favorite son has died, leaving her with another (Timothy Hutton) she can barely tolerate. The film also netted four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Robert Redford, in his directorial bow), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for young Hutton.

Steve Dunn: “It ruled.”

I thought this movie was going to be dull and depressing, but it turned out to be interesting and depressing, so I loved it. The plot is revealed at a sensible pace. The characters are complex and unpredictable. There's a touch of 70s pop psychology conveyed through Judd Hirsch's character, a psychiatrist, but it roots the movie in time without being overly annoying. The characters are clearly the highlight, coming across as people rather than types or mere plot devices.

Also, being in the Top 14 of all users on goo.tc is extremely important.

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Amy Austin: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Obsess much, Steve???) − June 14, 2007 • more by Amy

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