Save the Green Planet!
Believing that aliens in human form are systematically destroying the planet and all humankind, Byung-gu sets out to capture an alien leader and force him to confess. Because all the aliens look like humans, Byung-gu makes an educated guess and kidnaps the head of a chemical company. Byung-gu desperately tries to wring the truth from the man before the police close in and aliens destroy the world. Ha-kyun Shin and Yun-shik Baek star.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

There was just too much slackness of pace for this Korean flick to make the top ten, but I'm happy to call it one of my favorite films of 2005. It has something for everyone: Part thriller, part science fiction, part drama, part comedy, part horror, all weird. An unstable man convinced his former boss is an alien invader kidnaps him, shaves him bald, straps him to a chair, and plots to kill him, while his more intelligent captive plots an escape. It's a strange, unpredictable battle of imagination, and the film takes great pleasure in walking the line, going a long time without saying for sure whether the boss is an alien, or his captor is insane, or possibly neither, or possibly both. It follows in a new Korean trend of ultra-violent pictures that don't skimp on the gory injuries, but it's actually a gentle film at heart, more interested in its hero's fragile innocence than what horrors he's capable of inflicting in his seeming madness. I can't recommend this funny little freakshow enough.

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