Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I believe the reports that this film went through something like 200 rewrites, because it shows. The film operates on a gradually sliding scale from scathing satire to conventional romcom. I'm tempted to go back and chart the joke rate from start to finish, just to see if the line is at the perfect declining 45-degree angle that I imagine. I complain because it could have been more; it has sharp teeth in its first act and a number of fantastic punchlines, and the cast clearly enjoys playing their archetypes. But then it falls victim to the trap of so many good comedies, and gets so wrapped up in its plot that it forgets to tell jokes, or relies on a few dusty, terrible clich├ęs. By the time the paramedic says that only one passenger can ride along in the ambulance and the men reply, "I'm her boyfriend!" "I'm the father!" and "I'm the father's boyfriend!", you're praying for the film to end before you forget how good it started out. Perhaps they should have stopped sometime before number 200.

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