Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

I often lament good movies sabotaging themselves with the unnecessary, terrible twist endings that quickly wore out their welcome as a recent cinematic fad. This one doesn't qualify because it wasn't so good in the first place and because it's plain from the first scene that there's a Big Secret lurking underneath, but damn if it doesn't deserve to be lamented anyway; this is a crappy plot twist for the ages. "Writer-director David Koepp flies so far off the rails that his film might someday be spotted soaring in Jupiter's orbit," wrote Nathan Rabin in The Onion, and that sounds about right. The real crime is that we do not care; the first two thirds of the film are so obviously about nothing but stalling for time, and so many other crappy movies have had so many other crappy plot twists as of late, that all we can do is tick off another one on the count. What is it now, infinity plus one?

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