Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

You don't need my praise to decide to see this film. The name Pixar is long synonymous with high-quality entertainment; see one of their films, and you won't miss another one ever again. "The Incredibles" is a fast-paced action-adventure that is unexpectedly full; it the longest all-CGI film to date. While it doesn't go for laughs very often, and it takes a while to rev up to full speed, it's a dizzying roller coaster ride once it lets loose. The jungle chase, reminiscent of "Return of the Jedi," must not be missed in theaters. This film is solid entertainment, and there's meaning in it, too, about the turns our society has taken away from individuality and towards litigation.

What I think it does especially well is break, at long last, the mold of the cartoon as children's entertainment. All of the Pixar films to date have entertained me (well, maybe not the overrated "Monsters Inc."), but every single one of them till now has been a children's film that was made well enough to appeal for adults. Never for a moment in "The Incredibles," even in the scenes starring the kids, did I sense that I was watching a children's film. From start to finish, it seemed more like a superhero-themed adventure tale that would appeal to kids if they happened to see it. It doesn't exist to please the kids first; it exists on its own terms. This is one of the holy grails that Pixar has been after, and they have finally achieved it, a film with truly universal entertainment appeal. This is a strong recommendation for all audiences, especially while it's still playing on the big screen.

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