Matthew Preston: “It was ok.”

To be fair to my sci-fi loving brethren, this is more of a drama that takes place in space, rather than a sci-fi thriller. It's tense at some parts, but really not overly exciting or rewarding. I really appreciated the acting from Shamier Anderson though. I can't tell if the script was written in a way so he'd be a relatable character to the audience, or if it was just his down-to-earth, apologetic nature that hit home for me.

What I really noticed are the clever tricks that Hollywood needs(ed) to do to get around COVID-19 dangers. There are a lot of isolation themed movies/scripts being made right now because of this. The recent movie The Midnight Sky with George Clooney is another such example. There are many scenes following only one person and a few of the scenes in which they are together, they use clever tricks like 2 of the characters need to be wearing oxygen masks, or they're in full astronaut gear with helmets, etc. Hollywood finds a way.

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