Take Me Home
Thom is an unlicensed New York cabbie who takes on the fare of his life when a woman asks him to drive her to California to see her ailing father. In classic rom-com style, the chemistry between the two builds as they make their way west.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

There's a fantastic soft-rock soundtrack by whoever the hell Bootstraps is, but that's about the only really nice thing I can say about this indie movie. It's built on two dusty old romantic-comedy conventions that it stubbornly refuses to freshen up: The couple who bicker numerous times before realizing they're growing close, and the fledgling relationship built on an unnecessary lie that would cease to be an issue if the lying party would just come clean about it. It feels like a product of a screenwriting class: Not bad exactly, with a few clever moments even, but not especially worth seeing.

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