Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

You don't hear many movies described as a "technicolor Thai Western," especially with imagery this bold, and it's an even bigger surprise to discover that the parts with the eye-popping visuals are the weakest. This Thai film, which took years to score an American release, has a great first act, a love story between a peasant boy and a rich girl who fall in love in a river of neon-green grass. Then the film turns into a action movie, aping Westerns and war movies and gangster pics, and it falls flat, seeming not to have a clue what to do with each genre. The Chinese Kung Fu Hustle successfully mixed martial arts and gangsters with a similar love story, but that was a screwball comedy told at a quick pace by a filmmaker who knew what he wanted to do; this murky melodrama feels lost and slow-witted by comparison. Admire the photography, but don't bother watching it.

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