Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Bill Shatner's interviews with the other Star Trek captains are sometimes shallow (Chris Pine has little to say about acting because his career is about 5 minutes old), sometimes bizarre (Avery Brooks IS from outer space and can apparently only communicate via improvised jazz duets), and sometimes surprisingly profound (Kate Mulgrew gets Shatner to admit how terrified he is of death). Trekkers will love it because they eat up the tiniest crumbs that fall from the Star Trek table, but non-fans won't find much of interest.

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Scott Hardie: I've been watching The Captains: Close-Up, a short TV series consisting of extended interviews and outtakes from this documentary, and it's clear that Avery Brooks was edited to look like a fool. In the movie, he's taken out of context, presented as some kind of freak who says bizarre non-sequiturs and improvises songs mid-interview to Shatner's annoyance. But in the extended footage, he gets a chance to explain his weird comments in full so that they make sense, and he comes across like a more or less ordinary person who can hold a conversation. He was always my favorite of the captains, so this is a relief. </nerd> − August 19, 2014 • more by Scott

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