The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
This prequel to Stephen King's television miniseries "Rose Red" chronicles Ellen Rimbauer's (Lisa Brenner) doomed marriage to a wealthy, sex-crazed industrialist and their occupation of the enormous Seattle mansion that harbors evil forces. Passages from Rimbauer's diary detail her descent from an innocent and submissive wife into a woman fighting a losing battle against the dark spirits that dwell within her home.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

It's a credit to this cheap cash-in prequel to Rose Red – filmed on such a limited budget that the actors are sometimes bluescreened in front of still photos from the original sets – that it has ambition to transcend being just an adaptation of a knock-off novelization of a niche TV miniseries. The problem is that it has nowhere to transcend to: The entire story from start to finish was already told in flashbacks and exposition in Rose Red, so it has nothing to do but put its cast through the motions. They bring their A-game to this B-movie, but the whole film feels like a footnote and their professionalism is its pleasant typeface.

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