Finder's Fee
This edgy drama follows young artist Adam (Erik Palladino), who finds a wallet with a lottery ticket worth millions inside. He later engages in a simple game of poker that gets interesting when Adam realizes the ticket's owner (James Earl Jones) is among the players. Soon, Adam and his buddies (Matthew Lillard, Dash Mihok and Ryan Reynolds) are trapped in the man's home. Jeff Probst, host of television's "Survivor," wrote and directed the film.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Spoiler warning. I rented this because of who directed it, and I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it. It’s not so much a bona-fide thriller as a study of manners. Like an evil episode of “Seinfeld,” the main character is forced by social customs to do things he desperately does not want to do. The plot is unnecessarily contrived, but at least it makes good on all the setup: The dialogue and the nuances are right; these five characters seem unique and realistic. Unfortunately, the film blows it all in the final fifteen seconds with an inexplicable, gratuitous twist ending.

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