The Eye
When a young girl, Mun (Angelica Lee), undergoes a corneal transplant to correct her blindness, she not only receives the gift of eyesight, but second sight as well: She can now see ghosts. To exorcise the demons tormenting her, Mun looks into the life of the person who donated the corneas and unearths a deep mystery that she becomes desperate to solve.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

This movie is best when conjuring up great scares out of nothing: Using just the soundtrack and some ambiguous photography, the Pang brothers can send chills up your spine with an empty hallway. But it’s a self-serious bore the rest of the time, and the half-baked screenplay is the main problem: It has the protagonist flying into hysterics at the smallest provocation, and asking why no one believes her after she fails to explain her problem. The characters’ motivations (especially Dr. Wah’s) are questionable, and the exposition is awkwardly crammed in. I hope the forthcoming American remake will be better.

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