Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Well, I know what form my nightmares will take for the next few weeks. This is not a movie to see if you have claustrophobia or hydrophobia. From what I gather, this film's fidelity to the real events in 2018 is extremely impressive on a technical level, but there's not much else to recommend about it because there's not much else to it. The characters are very thinly sketched, the drama lacking, and the focus scattered. The film doesn't demonstrate much point of view about the events. I squirmed during the diving scenes but had little other reaction. Still, I did appreciate that the film gave greater emphasis to the ethical challenge of extracting the boys than to the physical and logistical challenge; the method ultimately used by the divers, not publicly disclosed at the time, was one hell of a risk to take, and that part of the film plays like a live-action Trolley Problem.

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